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Everything You Need to Know About Live Casinos

It’s safe to say that online casinos have come to stay. According to experts, gaming websites will expand their market share, posing an increasing threat to their land-based rivals. It’s no secret that online gambling owes its success largely to live casinos. To many gamblers, live casinos are a full-fledged substitute for brick-and-mortar casinos. Online (and live) casinos are gaining an increasing number of advocates, including those who were at first skeptical about the new form of entertainment.

Why online casinos failed to replace their offline counterparts

The main criticisms against online gambling was that websites failed at recreating the unique atmosphere of offline gambling halls. That was a strong – and truthful – argument, whether some liked it or not. Sitting in front of the computer screen, the gambler had no opportunity to share their excitement with other players, interact with dealers, and enjoy the noisy surroundings of a land-based venue. Plus, instead of holding real chips and cards, you had to make wagers and form hands by clicking buttons.

Everything You Need to Know About Live Casinos

Nonetheless, online casinos found their fans among people who had no opportunity to visit land-based casinos, for financial reasons or otherwise. Most gamblers were opposed to the innovation, though. For them, replacing the conventional blackjack or roulette with heartless computer programs was out of the question.

Live casinos as a game changer

The idea of launching live games is as old as online gambling itself. To make such a bold idea a reality, though, casinos needed advanced technologies and professional expertise. The development process was both costly and time-consuming. When the first live game was finally launched, it was a far cry from being a worthy alternative to brick-and-mortar casinos. Low-quality streams, unstable internet connection, technical failures, and long freezes were just few problems faced by the developers. Needless to say, it was not enough to gain trust of loyal offline casino fans. There was still a long way to go.

With technological advances, high-speed internet and HD screens becoming increasingly available, live casinos improved their digital products dramatically.

Live dealers

Just like land-based venues, live casinos feature real-life dealers and croupiers. These are mostly young, good-looking men and women who manage the play process, take bets, deal cards, distribute winnings, and communicate with clients.

In addition to being friendly and polite, live dealers are fluent in several languages. By using a microphone or online chat, gamblers can ask their dealer any question about the game or just chat.

Everything You Need to Know About Live Casinos

Selection of live games

The standard range of games offered at live casinos include roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. If you are lucky, you may come across some poker variations, too. These are the major games that attract a steady flow of players to gaming websites. The choice of games depends on how big and popular your online casino is. While some high-profile gaming websites boast more than 20 tables with live games, small casinos only offer two or three tables.

A software provider is yet another factor that affects the range of available live games. If the online casino signs a contract with a major casino software supplier, its clients will have access to dozens of live entertainments. As software companies work with multiple casinos, one live table may bring together players from different gaming websites. This does not make the play process any less exciting, though. The more, the merrier!