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Think You Shouldn’t Have a Strategy for Slots? Think Again


It is something of a myth that by playing online slots you are simply having a spin and hoping for the best. Yes, the games run on random number generators, so the outcome of an individual spin is out of your hands, but there are various things you can do to help your overall strategy.

To begin with, you should be considering what type of game you want to play. For example, progressive jackpot games, which have become the most popular types of slots at casinos in New Zealand and elsewhere, will obviously offer the biggest prizes of all games, considering they reach millions of dollars. Yet, there is a bit of trade off to be made, as progressive jackpot games usually have a lower rate of return in the base game to enable that headline prize.

Bigger bet increases jackpot chances

Indeed, while progressive jackpot is awarded randomly and can strike at any time, it is also true that a higher bet increases your chances of triggering the jackpot. This is because the jackpot is awarded when a bet triggers a certain threshold (a predetermined sum of money), so it follows that a ten-dollar bet is more likely to break the threshold than a bet of a few cents. This should be factored into your strategy, perhaps by playing for higher bets on progressive games than you would on others.

Of course, jackpot games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some players like to play low variance (sometimes called low volatility) slots, which are designed to have more frequent payouts, but these payouts also tend to be smaller. They can offer big wins, as all slots do, but the idea is that there is generally a constant stream of small wins, rather than waiting around for that headline payout. Obviously, high variance slots offer the opposite. There might be longer periods of infrequent wins, but this can be made up for by some big wins suddenly striking.  

RTP can be important, but it isn’t everything

RTP – Return to Player – is a concept that every slots player should be aware of, but its importance is perhaps somewhat overexaggerated. RTP means the return that a game will pay out over time. Normally, a casino game will have an RTP of around 95%, although it can vary. Should you be aiming to play games higher than this, such as Playtech’s Cinerama or Blood Suckers from Microgaming, both of which are over the 98% mark? Some players ‘swear’ by RTP, but you have to take under consideration that these averages are based on millions of spins over a long period of time. You also have to factor in what we said about high variance and low variance games.

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The future of online gaming is also giving us more things to think about when playing slots. For example, there is a trend towards games offering a buy-in option to go directly to the bonus game, or different betting options like ‘Feature Bet’, which offers you the chance to play for a higher bet in exchange for special enhancements. The more technology evolves, the more choices we are going to be given. It’s advised that players adapt their gaming strategies to these new trends and advancements in casino tech.