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Baccarat At Online Casino

At brick and mortar casinos baccarat is considered as a game only wealthy visitors can play. But its online version is different – anyone can play regardless of their budget. It’s a perfect game for those, who just would like to relax without making hard decisions. There are not many rules and wager types to remember, so it’s a really simple and fun game.

Once punters place their wagers, their decision making is over, and they only need to wait for a dealer to take care of everything else. If gamers care about what’s going on after they have made the bet, they will just need to be able to add two 1-digit numbers and know several basic rules.

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  1. What’s The Goal When Playing Baccarat?
  2. Table Layout And Payouts
  3. Strategies For Baccarat
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What’s The Goal When Playing Baccarat?

Unlike many other games, online baccarat allows to choose your side. Banker doesn’t represent a house and player isn’t necessarily you and other casino customers around you. Pick any side. There’s another bet – tie.

Baccarat At Online Casino

Depending on what side you select, you’ll want the corresponding party to hold total amount of points closest to 9. It’s very similar to blackjack, but you can never bust in this game. If cards give more than 9 points, then first digit isn’t considered. Suppose a hand is dealt 5 and 7, which is 12 points in total and is over 9. In this case remove first digit and only 2 is left.

You’ll probably want to know card values to calculate totals. That’s simple: 2-9 give amount of points stated on these cards; 10, J, Q, K – 0 points; A – 1 point. At first, both sides receive a pair of cards. You can’t decide when croupier will stop hitting. He/she follows strict rules.

Player hand won’t receive more cards in case total is 6-9. Just one additional card is dealt if the sum is 5 or less. Banker stands when the sum is 7-9 regardless of what player hand is there. According to rules, in case the sum is 0-2, banker has to hit.

There are other rules which tell whether casino baccarat dealer should stand or hit. But you need to know just one of them. In case player hand is 8 or 9 with just first two cards and dealer has fewer points, player wins. Don’t get into more details to keep it simple. After all, croupiers will do everything by themselves.

Baccarat At Casino

Table Layout And Payouts

If you look at the table, you’ll see big sectors numbered 1-7 or 1-15, which are closest to you. One bettor occupies one of these sectors to keep his/her chips. Next are areas for placing bets. Right in front of a croupier there’s a place for player/banker hands.

You’ve probably noticed that a tie bet is paid 8:1. That’s seems like a lot of money, especially in comparison to 1:1 paid for two other types of wager. But actually, tie bet is a really bad option. The probability of both hands having the same values is very small.

Some casinos might offer to play baccarat with 9:1 tie payout, don’t buy it either. You are much better off with two other types of punts even despite the fact that winning banker bets are subject to 5% commission.

Online Baccarat


Sometimes implementing certain strategy makes online casino baccarat experience more thrilling. Strategies aren’t used to win more though since this is a pure game of chance. You’ll just get extra fun. There are a lot of strategies: Martingale, Fibonacci, etc. Since every gamer has its own playing style, you’ll need to consider different strategies and choose the one you like the most. Or you can find several of them and switch between them.

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