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Best Online Casino Bonuses

Gaming operators today won’t survive without offering its players a range of attractive promos. The competition is extremely tight. Major gaming websites all have extensive loyalty programs and promotions. Remember that there always will be excellent websites with best online casino bonuses. So, don’t settle for anything less attractive.

You can expect a warm welcome everywhere within internet gambling industry. Welcome bonus online casino is a common offer. But there are other types of promos and it’s always good to know them. Basically, there are several categories and we’ll discuss all of them.

Online Casino Bonus

Deposit Online Casino Bonus

This category consists of various types of promotions. The idea behind them all is the same – top up your wagering balance and get something extra. These are often online casino sign up bonuses, meaning that you’ll get extra credits or some other benefits for your first upload.

Usually punters will be offered 100% on top of what they transfer. If you upload 100 AUD, the same amount will be added as bonus credits. No deposit offerings also exist. They seem to be best casino bonuses, but they aren’t common and require a lot of effort before they can be withdrawn.

Free Spins

If you aren’t excited about plain doubling of your top up amount, search for online casino welcome bonus with additional free spins. They can be used to play certain video slots. Typically, gambling sites give 10-20 free spins for one specific slot machine. Sometimes it can be defined as online casino free bonus, because operators don’t ask for deposit and gives it to newly registered punters or its loyal customers. But, as we mentioned above, no deposit promos are rare.

Online Casino Bonus

Free Play

This casino online bonus is very interesting. Websites might give you limited amount of time to spend money they provide. You can expect somewhere around 1,000 AUD and 30-60 minutes. After that time money is gone and only winnings will be yours. But they won’t be cashable at that moment. You’ll first have to clear them.

At gaming website there’s always a chance that punters will get massive winnings. To protect themselves from paying too much, operators set certain limits. Generally maximum amount credited is 100-200 AUD. If you happen to win 10,000 AUD, you won’t get this money anyway, because of those limits.


Thanks to casino bonus online, player can spend much longer time wagering. Imagine your deposit is doubled. That means you’ll be able to play roughly twice longer. Anyone would be able to find some offers they can readily accept. There are just so many promo types that you can be picky and agree for those which would best suit your play style.

Online Casino Bonus

Chances of winning increase if you have extra credits at your disposal. Clearing online gambling bonus won’t be a burden for you if you just enjoy gaming experience. Of course, when pursuing other goals, wagering requirements can become a big problem.


Every time gambling casino online bonus is considered, you better read its rules. Every promotion has a long list of what players should or should not do before withdrawal is allowed. First of all, pay attention to multiplier – x30, x35 or some other number. Multiply it by the size of the deposit, or in some cases deposit plus extra amount presented by operator. This is going to be your playthrough amount.

Second, read what bonus online games are allowed to play and how much each of them contributes toward wagering. Depending on benefits and wagering requirements, the value of different promotions will vary. Sometimes you are better off without any free gifts. Or you can opt for other, less demanding operators and their offerings.