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Keno Casino Games

Keno casino games are rather new to online players in Australia. For quite long casino keno games were offered exclusively by brick and mortar casinos. Today you are invited to play keno online. There is a solid selection of free keno games for fun released by top gambling software providers. Another option is to get real winnings by taking part in online keno for real money.

Learn To Play Keno Online

Being new to gambling in general, players should start with choosing casino and opening account with that website. Then download software if required and access lobby. There you'll see casino games keno to choose from. Once you've decided, play keno online for free to get some risk free experience.

Play Keno Online

Keno slot games aren’t a rocket science. They are all basically similar. By guessing what numbers will be drawn next round players earn money. Usually players choose from ten to fifteen numbers out of eighty. When you are done selecting numbers, there's a "Play" button to push. After that, casino game keno software randomly picks winning numbers. Depending on how many numbers are guessed correctly, payout is lower or higher.

Online Keno Real Money, Real Winnings

Some players might have concerns over fair gambling when they play keno for real money. Playing at casino by itself is a risky activity and no one wants random number generator to be not quite random. To ensure players of their honesty, major casinos invite respectable auditing companies to confirm results are random.

Technological developments constantly provide new conveniences and benefits. Thanks to such progress, today you can play keno online real money on mobile devices. Keno apps download for smartphones and tablets aren't offered by all online casinos. But the number of gambling operators introducing this possibility is growing fast.

Despite smaller screen and a bit lower quality graphics, mobile keno casino games online leave good impression. For many the difference with computer game won't be even noticeable.

Keno Online

It's fun to play free keno games online, but real money version are much more exciting. When you consider transferring some funds to your account, make sure you benefit from deposit bonus offers. Clearing bonus would be easy and natural if you play frequently. Most often online casinos give players 100% to their first deposit. Consider that as free money if you are able to meet wagering requirements.

Offline Version

Keno networks consist of numerous registered venues such as pubs, casinos and hotels. If you are at one of the places offering to play, you'll see winning numbers appear on a screen. The same network can connect venues located in different corners of the country. Since all bets contribute to the same jackpot, impressive amounts can be collected which are much higher than winnings other games can offer.

Whenever you feel the urge to play, just a few moments will separate you from joining in. There are self-service machines at casinos to buy as many tickets as you want. After tickets are bought all you need is to wait for the winning numbers to show up on screen. That's the beauty of this game. Besides buying a ticket players aren't required to do anything and while numbers are drawn, this time can be used to enjoy the company of other players.

At land based casinos there's a special atmosphere, the air is filled with excitement. What you feel when you are actually there at a land based facilities can't be compared to emotions experienced when you play keno online free no download.

Major network in Australia is called NT Keno. To determine the winners, software randomly picks 20 numbers out of 80. The network offers a new round once in several minutes, 24 hours a day. Less widespread are Jupiters and Lucky.


Questions You May Have

For those who are new to game it's natural to have questions. Basically, it isn't difficult at all. But to some it seems intimidating because everything happens so fast. Below are common questions answered and that will help you take first step of enjoyable journey.

  • What Bets Win More Frequently?

There is no way betting on certain numbers is better than betting on other numbers. Odds are the same whatever numbers you select. The only thing players can do is to find casinos with highest payouts and play there.

  • Is Free Keno No Download No Registration Easily Available?

Yes, many online sites give gamblers opportunity to play for free in order to learn the game and become confident players.

  • Do Online Casinos Offer Sign Up Bonuses To Players?

Every decent gambling website offers sign up bonuses to attract new customers. Usually they are match bonuses to first deposit which can be used to play various games.