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Casino Video Poker Games

Online casino isn't a place for playing slots, some card games or roulette. Casino video poker games are among major gambling attractions. Unlike other famous gambling activities, it is a rather young game. It was created just over 40 years ago and quickly spread across the globe. Casino video poker machines today are popular on gambling websites to play for real money or for free. To keep gamblers busy and engaged, a video poker online casino can offer numerous variations of the game. Jacks of Better is perhaps one of the most popular among them.

Gambling operators targeted different audience type to play video poker casino. Many gamers do like the idea of poker, but find it too aggressive since players need to fight each other for a bank. The game isn't a standard card game as we know it, because there are no opponents to compete. There is no one to read you, bluff or implement a wide range of tricks trying to make you lose.

Video Poker

Compared to regular poker, best video poker game is more dynamic and simple. There are just several control buttons and combinations rankings players need to know. That's not a pure game of chance and therefore, players' skills can change the result of each round.

To make it even more attractive to play for real money, online casinos make progressive jackpots available. Great amounts of money can be won by pushing a few buttons. Besides ever growing jackpots, players sometimes are offered to double their winnings in a special video bonus poker. To double the prize, player just needs to draw a higher card than dealer has.

Video Poker Online Casino Applications

As any other online casino game, gamblers have two options: video poker games download software or instant play. Today no download applications is a preferable option offered almost at any online casino.

Don't worry if you have a Mac computer. If downloadable applications won't be available for you, you can always find variety of instant play versions provided by gambling operators. Unstable internet connection shouldn't concern you as well. Video poker is a quite simple and modern browsers can handle moments of internet outages. As soon as internet connection is fixed, you'll continue from where you left off.

Video Poker Online

Best Video Poker App

It's sometimes hard to make a choice when there are a lot of options offered. If you don't want to choose from endless list of games with all of them unfamiliar to you, consider the options listed below. They are the best you can find online.

Pick'em is the best app, because it pays back maximum of 99.95% of players' bets. Minimum coin size is 5 cents and maximum is $5. Lowest paying combination is a pair of 9s.

Microgaming's All Aces is another version with almost 100% return to player rate. All Aces is the best online video poker Microgaming released so far in terms of return, with 99.92% of all bets paid back in the form of winnings. Royal Flush is the highest paying combination. Second strongest hand isn't traditional Straight Flush, but four aces.

JokerPoker, produced by Betsoft, is different from most games because Joker is used in the game. Joker is a wild card which helps to get a winning combination, but when it does so, payout coefficient becomes lower. Players need to have at least a pair of Kings to get paid.

Best Video Poker

Two Ways Royal is a game where two types of Flush Royal are possible. In addition to traditional from ten to ace Royal Flush, it allows for a low Royal Flush which is from two to six. In both cases cards should be of the same suit.

Useful Tips

Some online casinos offer bonuses specifically for those who love playing the card. Most of these bonuses are cashable after fulfilling wagering requirements so you can get additional benefits by using bonuses.

It isn't recommended to take extra risks and gamble your winnings. Generally, gamble feature is designed to give you equal chances of winning and losing. But you better get what you’ve already got than risk losing those credits.