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Basic Strategy To Keep Roulette Losses Low

When you approach roulette table, clear your mind of various believes and prejudices and just rely on Lady Luck. There’s no magical systems, no guaranteed wins, and it’s important you remember that. Only few casino games are skill based, and roulette isn’t one of them. It might seem, that one day you do something differently and earn profit because of skills or strategy. But actually you just got lucky.

There are people who insist that they know how to win more than lose. But there can’t be any evidence of that because it’s simply impossible. They might think they know how to systematically win or just deliberately lying to you. It basically doesn’t matter. You should know one fact – magic, skills, strategies won’t work with roulette.

Basic Strategy To Keep Roulette Losses Low

The nature of this game just doesn’t allow anything except luck influence the outcome. There’s one “secret” way to stay in profit though – grab some chips when no one can see. You know that’s just a joke, but at the same time it’s the pure truth said by one smart person after extensive observation and studying.

Mathematicians can’t tell more than gamblers already know – there’s a certain house edge and it can be calculated. No matter what you do, this house edge can never be reduced. So, don’t believe if someone says that guaranteed winnings are possible.

Think of this game as the form of entertainment rather than source of income. If you go to the cinema you don't expect to leave the venue with more money. You pay for having a great time and want nothing more. Having exactly the same mindset you should play roulette. Of course, you can be a bit disappointed when money is lost, but disappointment is always possible regardless of how you spend your free time.

How To Lose Less

Making Right Choice

There’s no way to maximize winnings, but you can take advantage of methods to reduce losses. There are two factors that help you with that. First is selecting the right type of roulette to play. Most frequently gaming websites offer American and European variations. The latter would be better for bettors since casino advantage is just 2.63%, while playing American type is twice less profitable with 5.26% house edge.

Regardless of where online operator is based, it can provide both versions at the same time. So, there’s no reason to select less profitable option. By being more selective, you’ll save lots of money in the long run.

Basic Strategy To Keep Roulette Losses Low


It might seem that being at casino is all about fun and luck. That’s not really true if you want to limit your losses and play for longer. Discipline is very important when you gamble. Without keeping yourself under control and within certain limits you are at risk for gambling addiction, which is very bad.

Safer gambling starts with setting limits: how long you are going to play and how much you can lose. If you lose too much, you’ll probably have some financial difficulties or you’ll feel the urge to chase losses by betting more. That’s the common problem.

Take measures to protecting yourself from unpleasant situations at home before you pay visit to a casino. Plan properly. That includes setting money and time limits, determining best wager size and saving a part of winnings. It won’t increase your chances of earning profit. But if you take these tips seriously, you’ll be able to enjoy roulette for longer with the same amount of money.