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Why Gamers At Online Casinos Prefer Bitcoin?

Those who are in search of secure, convenient and yet unconventional banking solution, should consider using Bitcoin. It’s different from most of the payment services you know, since that’s a digital currency itself like Australian dollars (AUD) or USD, but there are no paper bills, coins or anything tangible.

This currency isn’t new, but just recently many gaming websites started to accept it. It was initially created to enable regular users send money to each other. There are no central banks to issue it and no accredited organizations which regulate its flow. You, as well as millions of others around the globe, have the opportunity to use it without any restrictions.

Online Casinos Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin Is Used To Fund Real Money Gaming?

Bitcoin is great for gambling purposes - cheap, fast and transparent method. Moreover, you won’t be bothered by restrictions banks or other financial institutions might impose. No names or banking details are required and therefore can’t be ever disclosed. That guarantees safety. At the same time, no bank or other party can ever freeze your account.

You can receive, send, exchange, sell this currency as much as you want and the way you want. Use it if, for some reasons, you don’t want to use regular payment methods, but still want a reliable solution.

Bitcoin online casino having special mobile application is quite rare. But that shouldn’t disappoint you because most operators accepting this banking solution have mobile versions of their websites. Regardless of what smartphone or tablet you have, you’ll be able to upload and play games.

Online Casinos Bitcoin

Online Casino That Accept Bitcoin Transactions

Today not many internet casinos allow this solution. But we’ve researched various available options and selected few of them you might enjoy. While creating our list of recommended operators, we considered legitimacy, reputation, convenience and great selection of best Bitcoin online casino games.


  • How do I get it?

There are certain websites where regular users can buy Bitcoins. Or your friend can send them to you. Another much more complex way is to mine this currency. Mining is basically creating money. Computers solve mathematical problems to get the funds. But that’s a complicated process and not suitable for everyone.

  • Can I pay casinos?

Yes, you’ll have quite decent selection which will include Australian online casino.

  • Is it secure?

Yes. The only way to steal your Bitcoins is to get both your login information and your device at the same time. Without having device which has your wallet containing this currency, stealing isn’t possible.

Online Casinos Bitcoin

  • Is it fast?

Yes, faster than many other traditional banking solutions. Within seconds transactions to and from casinos are processed.

  • Would you recommend it?

Yes, for certain category of gamers it’s a perfect choice – complete anonymity, low fees, and rapid transactions. No bank account or card needs to be linked. Users enjoy absence of any kind of control.

  • Should I pay fees?

Yes, you pay for each transaction, but the fee is very low and depends on how fast you want your request to be processed.