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What Is eCheck And Why It’s Useful At Online Casinos?

Traditional checks aren’t appropriate today to make online purchases, but alternative system exists to satisfy demands of internet businesses and customers. eCheck is equivalent of paper checks but issued and processed virtually. Internet casinos offer this option among other banking solutions.

eCheck At Online Casinos

That’s a very useful and secure banking alternative. It is accepted everywhere traditional paper versions can be used to pay services and products. Transactions are made directly from payer’s bank account to receiver’s bank, making it safer than paying by cards.

How Real Money Is Deposited Through eCheck

The process isn’t any different from paying by regular paper check. The same information should be filled when writing digital check. The difference is that you don’t send it by mail and therefore don’t have to wait while it reaches addressee. Since information is sent electronically you won’t be frustrated over long waiting period. Once eCheck online casino receives check, it sends a request to its bank to get money.

First time users will have to spend some time to sign up with the system. This is when banking details need to be provided. Don’t worry about safety. Your transactions are protected by the most advanced encryption. Gambling sites won’t know your sensitive information.

eCheck At Online Casinos

Usually gaming websites don’t charge fees when deposits are made through this method. This is another reason for using it. Even though fees aren’t significant, you can save decent amount of money when you deposit a lot.

Online Casino That Accept eCheck Transactions

Your only concern when working with this payment method should be reliability of the operator. Expansive selection of gaming sites makes it hard to choose a single one. But we narrowed down available choices to provide most secure and professional options. All important factors were considered such as good bonus offerings, helpful customer support, and of course you’ll find best eCheck online casino games there.

eCheck At Online Casinos


  • What are benefits of using this method?

Its greatest benefits are top security and rapid processing. Paper analogues weren’t able to meet today’s requirement and development of this new solution was inevitable.

  • Who is allowed to use it?

All owners of bank accounts (usually checking accounts) can pay by eChecks. But certain restrictions are possible.

  • Do all gaming websites offer it?

No, not every casino accepts this deposit method, but there are plenty of choices. Whether it’s an Australian online casino or operator based in any other country, it’s possible to see this banking option. Check our list of top websites for optimal choice.

  • How is it different from other banking solutions?

It’s safer than majority of wide spread payment options and it isn’t worse in terms of processing speed.

eCheck At Online Casinos

  • Can I be confident my personal data is handled securely?

Yes, no one will ever see any data you provided to this service.

  • What fees should I pay?

Surprisingly, this reliable and fast option is also cheap. Fees usually vary from $0.25 to $1.5. It’s approximately 0.30-1.7 Australian dollars (AUD).

  • What are methods of withdrawing money?

There can be several options available depending on your gaming website.