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PayNearMe – Best Solution To Stay Private At Online Casinos

With so many transfers to gaming websites rejected, development of alternative banking options was natural. PayNearMe, offered by some internet casinos and other businesses is one of solutions to this problem. Many gamers find it helpful when other more traditional options can’t be used, for example, credit card payments get rejected.

PayNearMe At Online Casinos

Adding Real Money Through PayNearMe

To pay, you just need to visit 7-Eleven or other stores close to you. The company lists all available locations on its website. Before going to a store with your cash, you should visit PayNearMe online casino, log-in then access cashier and select this banking solution. You’ll be given PayCode which is linked to your gaming account.

At a store PayCode will be scanned to identify where money is going. Then cash is handed over to a cashier and funds are credited instantly. After money is transferred, message will be sent to your phone. Note that PayCode can be used multiple times so you don’t have to request another code every time making a deposit.

PayNearMe At Online Casinos

Online Casino That Accept PayNearMe Transactions

For now the company allows transfers only to gambling operators based in Nevada and New Jersey. But as more states are expected to legalize internet gambling, the company will enter new markets. This business has potential to grow globally and be available for Australian online casino gamers as well. Use of Australian dollars (AUD) in this case is very likely.


  • What are benefits of using this banking option?

Key advantage is that gamers aren’t required to have credit cards or bank accounts. It provides top security for gamblers since they don’t have to disclose their financial or personal information. This company works only with legitimate gambling operators and gamers can be confident they won’t be victims of scam.

  • How is it different from other options?

If gaming operator lists this banking solution funds will be credited to gaming account for sure. In USA just a few states allow internet gambling that’s why many financial institutions issuing credit cards reject deposits. That is a major problem, but PayNearMe is a simple solution to it.

PayNearMe At Online Casinos

  • How safe is it?

This payment method guarantees top security. It’s safer than any other option. The company makes sure you can’t be a target of various frauds. In addition, it shows example of excellent social responsibility. As payments are handled in person, company can prevent under-aged gamers from funding their gaming accounts. Users can upload maximum $500 a day. The company makes best PayNearMe online casino games highly secure and convenient.

  • How fast do I get money?

When you get payment receipt that means money is already credited to your gambling account and can be used right away.

  • Should I pay fees?

Yes, remember that you pay $0-$5.99 fee for each transaction depending on your service provider. You’ll know fee amount prior to making deposit.

  • How to withdraw money?

There are two withdrawal methods – first is receiving money on bank account; second is getting a check.