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Online Casino in TAS (Hobart)

Tasmania is a beautiful island in Australia, with its capital in Hobart; located 240 kilometers to the south of Australia. Although tourism is one the major local industries, gambling is not among key entertainments offered to foreign travelers. There are just two land-based entertainment facilities: Country Club (Launceston) and Wrest Point (Hobart). Furthermore, with internet gambling legal in Australia, you can explore real money online casinos without any risk involved. The Tasmanians are always welcome at the best online casinos and the rest of the world, including the local Online Casino Wrest Point Casino.

Wrest Point Casino

Gambling and Online Casino Tasmania Laws

The first facilities opened in 1973. Since then, gambling services have been regulated at the legislative level. Tasmania legalized all types of gaming activities, meaning that online casinos are legal in Tasmania. It offers a vast selection of online gambling sites, where Taussies in TAS can enjoy playing games both with real AUD and absolutely for free. Bear in mind that not all casino sites require players to register to get access to games. However, if you are going to play casino online, you will have to spend some time selecting a reliable casino online Tasmania and go through a simple registration procedure.

There are two land-based facilities: Wrest Point and Country Club Tasmania Casino. In total, they have more than 1,200 slot machines and about 40 tables to play other games. The total area amounts to 4,000 square meters. The minimum bet for slots is just1 cent. You can choose either to play casino online, or to visit a classical land-based house. Each option has its benefits and downsides. The best thing is that minimum bets make slots affordable to all aussies.

Casino in Tasmania

Live Casino and Online casinos are legal in Tasmania

If you’re not planning to visit a land-based casinos just yet, you can test your luck by playing on various ones and give it a try at Live Casino, where you can feel the vibes of an offline. The internet offers a great variety of gaming sites with free slots and other exciting games. To pick a good and reputable sites, check out our ranking and tips. Our helpful guidelines will help you avoid rogue online sites. Thanks to the fact that gambling is legal, players’ rights are securely protected and all sites are under strict state monitoring. In case of a dispute, a player can seek help by gaming regulatory bodies. This is why playing at real money is absolutely safe.

Don’t miss a chance to play the famous game of poker. You can choose among 4 poker tables to enjoy this game which is both smart and entertaining. By the way, four poker tables is more than enough for a country, let alone an island.

Tasmania offers you a great opportunity to play Texas Hold’em, a poker variation highly popular all over the globe. Wrest Point in Hobart is a top-class poker room which is definitely worth your attention.

Along with gambling, players can use other services offered by land-based entertainment facilities. If you need a quiet place to work, you can rent a business center room or a conference hall. Both facilities are located in posh hotels. If your priority is recreation and relaxation, the hotels can offer you every facility you need, including gyms, SPAs, restaurants, bars, and many more.

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In the early 70s, Tasmania’s splendid wild nature was still unknown to the rest of the world. This is why then emerging facilities were viewed as a major attraction for international tourists from all over the globe. It needs to be said that it all went as planned. Over the first five years of Australia's largest operation, it was visited by about 5 million people and hosted close to 100 large-scale conferences.

There aretwo entertainment complexes which are Country Club and Wrest Point.

Wrest Point

Wrest Point was Australia’s first official land-based game house. Prior to it opening, Australia held a national referendum, where gambling advocates won with a small lead. Wrest Point Tasmania Casino opened its doors on February 10, 1973. Since then, the luxurious 17-storey tower has dominated the city landscape. Sixty-four meters high, Wrest Points remains the highest and the most recognizable landmark in Hobart.

Currently, it features:

  • 25 gaming tables;
  • 739 slot machines;
  • 4 poker tables.

Casino in Tasmania

On top of that, Wrest Points offers a wide selection of all imaginable games, including:

  • blackjack;
  • roulette;
  • bacarrat;
  • Keno; and
  • bridge.

For slots, the minimum bet starts from 1 cent. There are also a top-quality bookmaker office and a VIP room. Wrest Points is open till 6 am.

Furthermore, only poker room which is available from 6 am on Monday through Friday and from 8 am on weekends. Texas Hold’em fans can choose from 4 poker tables.

Country Club Tasmania Casino

Country Club is just a 10 minutes’ ride from Launceston airport to Prospect Vale.

It welcomes all players over 18. The complex is open from 9 am to 3 am on Sunday through Thursday. On weekends, you can leave one hour later, at 4 am. It is proud to offer 492 slot machines (including ones with progressive jackpot) and 17 gaming tables. There you can explore

  • Keno;
  • blackjack;
  • roulette;
  • bridge; and many more.

Country Club Tasmania Casino

Online gambling in Australia

Along with two large facilities with hotels and entertainment centers, Tasmania offers quite a number of exciting online gambling sites, where you can enjoy playing online pokies and other games with real money. Due to its similarity to land-based, Live Casino has gained wide popularity among players. Like at offline ones, only aussies over 18 years of age are allowed to play at game. It needs to be said that entertainment facilities are very meticulous about this requirement. For breaking this rule, any risks losing their hard-earned license.

Major advantages is the possibility to play with Australian Dollar without the need to convert them to another currency. In other words, any player can make a deposit in Aussie dollars and play for real money without delays and restrictions. Sign-up bonuses are another thing that makes Top Tasmania Casino highly attractive to players. Sing-up bonuses fall into two categories: deposit bonuses and non-deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses are determined by the amount of cash (AUD) deposited to your account. Non-deposit bonuses are granted for free upon registration with the best Australian online casino. Seeing all these factors, you can easily understand why the number of gambling fan in Tasmania is growing annually. Top real money sites are getting increasingly popular among both local and international gamblers.