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About Online Casino In VIC (Melbourne)

Since gambling industry first entered our lives 10 years ago, games and real money online casinos in Victoria have gained wide popularity among die-hard fans. About 80% of the Australians visit entertainment facilities at least once a year. According to data from The Economist, Australia has more adults playing games in Australia than any other country of the world. The best online casinos play a important role, with the Crown Casino (Melbourne) being the largest and most renowned one. So what separates gambling in Australia from one in other countries? In this article, we will find an answer to a major question: is internet gambling legal in Australia? Furthermore, we will find out which Online Casino Victoria is the most popular among gamblers of this Australian state.

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Online Casino Victoria Laws

Despite the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act that prohibits sites to provide interactive services in real AUD to the local citizens, visiting sites for Aussies in VIC is still absolutely legal. Basically, if you play casino online, you are breaking the law. Nonetheless, many Australians enjoy Victoria's casinos to satisfy their needs. It’s still unclear whether it is breaking the law by allowing gamblers to play with Australian Dollar. Nonetheless, the authorities have not yet taken any serious measures to prevent the citizens from using web services. No penalty has been imposed on operators and the best sites either.

Victoria casino operate in accordance with the law only if they are providing offline services, instead of ones. For example, Melbourne Crown Casino is one the largest in the state. However, sports bets fall into the category of “interactive” game, which makes them subject to the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act. According to the law, by providing certain services to Australian residents, bookmakers are breaking the law and committing a crime. Nonetheless, players are actively using international sites that either ignore or are unaware of the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act.

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Fortunately for the Aussies, winnings in Victoria's entertainment facilities are not taxable.

Online casinos are legal in Victoria

The very first legal land-based entertainment facilities opened in 1973. Since then, slot machines have conquered the hearts of thousands of gamblers all over the country. They are even lovingly dubbed as “pokies”, the word which spread over to other exciting slot machines. The huge Crown Casino, which a part of a large entertainment centre, welcomed its first guests in 1994. Over the time, players grew to appreciate casino online Victoria that offered new and exciting gaming opportunities to gamblers. Sites offer multiple advantages over their land-based counterparts. For example, any person can play casino online at any place any time. On top of that, players have a choice: they can either play for real money or absolutely for free in demo mode. It should be noted that pretty much any Live Casino accept Australian Dollar.

Future of gambling in Australia

According to statistics, Australia has about 25% of all slots in the world. As we mentioned earlier, gambling is a well-developed business which is highly popular among local fans. Pokies account for the largest part of all profits. These data were backed by the findings received by the company H2 Gambling Capital in 2013. According to the studies, the state Victoria has the largest profits per capita ($350). Bendigo, Ballarat, and Geelong are the cities with the most active fans. While profits differ across the Australian states, the average number is about 10% of the budget. The state with its whopping 13% is a leader in supporting its budget with gambling earnings. So it’s safe to assume that fan are lavish spenders.

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When it comes to games, the Australian authorities are focusing on online pokies. According to legislators, development of anti-gambling laws is a state priority. In attempts to restrict the use of pokies, they developed the concept of “smart cards” to make deposit in Aussie dollars. What makes these cards really smart is that they can regulate the amount of a player’s spendings. Each card has a pre-set cash (AUD) limit to be spent on betting. This is a highly effective way to protect your bankroll and play for real money without any risks.

Moreover, to drive people away from online sites, the authorities launched a large-scale anti- gambling campaign. The goal was to raise awareness about the dangers and negative consequences of addiction which players can develop on sites. According to Michael O’Brien, Minister for Gaming, this is the first campaign of that kind to take place in Australia. The authorities have never spoken so candidly about serious problems related to addiction. Although games is legal, the anti campaign was deployed in newspapers, on the Internet, on the public transport, and so on. With its catchy slogan “Gambling: betting is easy, losing is easier”, the campaign aimed at reaching as many people as possible

What concerns the state Victoria, the situation is very tense. According to the latest surveys, about 3% of the state’s population play with real money on a regular basis. To combat addiction among the local residents, the state authorities subsidized 150 million dollars collected with the help of Victorian Responsible Gaming Foundation. In the history of the state, this is the largest amount allocated to fight the adverse consequences of games.

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Under the current circumstances, the best Australian online casino have succeeded in avoiding strict monitoring by the authorities. The main reason is that game sites are beyond the government’s competence. As the Australian government decided against banning gambling, the local gamblers can continue to play at an online site is not regulated by the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act.

Top Recommended Australian Casinos

Australia has 18 high-profile casinos, with about 30 thousand slot machines. As we already mentioned, Australia's largest casino is Crown which is a part of Crown Entertainment Complex. The Crown Сasino (Melbourne) offers 350 top-notch slots. It is followed by Star Sity (Sydney) and Jupiter (Broadbeach Island).

If you prefer to gamble online, look for the best casinos with entertaining pokies on our ranking. We decided not to make an individual ranking for the top online casinos as the Internet has no boundaries and top real money sites provide equally good services in in each of the Australian states.