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Video Poker

If you are excited about poker, but don’t want to interact with other players and compete, try video poker. There are various versions of this game, but they are all basically the same. It’s like a slot machine – you’ll be all by yourself, surrounded by a bunch of buttons and without other players trying to bluff you and take your money.

Playing video poker games involves thinking. They aren’t completely games of chance, since players with skills get more winnings. Learning strategies takes time, but your efforts will eventually pay off because some gamers manage to consistently win more than loose.

Introduction To Video Poker

Getting To Know Video Poker Slots

You’ll find this type of slots anywhere online and offline. Using them is quite intuitive. Don’t get confused if you see there are a lot of cards and buttons. Some versions are more complicated than others. Just find the button to adjust your bet size, which is usually at the bottom of the screen, and press Deal to receive cards.

Your goal is to get as strong hand as possible. Look at the Pay Table to see what combinations are paid and how much. Most of the times a pair of Jacks is the lowest paying combination. After you request video poker machines to Deal cards, there’ll be a chance to change some or all of them. Select those cards you’d like to keep and click Deal/Draw to see other cards are substituted.


The greatest challenge is to decide which cards to discard and which of them to keep. There might be potentially several combinations, but you can’t pursue them all, and therefore should evaluate risks to make decision. Just one chance is given to discard cards and resulting hand will be final. That’s why choose carefully.

As there are so many variations online video poker has, you can expect to see some differences. Some of them offer wilds. Like in online slots, these wilds substitute any other element to get best possible payout. Others offer to play multiple hands at the same time. Depending on the type of the slot, strategies will differ.

Introduction To Video Poker

Learning strategies isn’t an easy task. If you are getting tired of all the difficult decisions you need to make, just play without thinking of strategies for a while. Experience is another important factor which helps you learn what would be best in certain situations.

Usually gamers focus on one version to develop optimal video poker strategy and get maximum return. This is recommended for novice punters as well. Select one version, play it and become experienced, skillful and confident player.

Developing strategies from scratch would require enormous effort. Instead, search the web to find ready solutions. There are special cheat sheets with everything you need to remember. After a while you probably won’t need them.

Why Players Enjoy It?

This is a common choice for those who love to have some control over their success at casino. They play video poker because it’s not only about luck, but also about skills, and getting close to 100% return is possible. This is one of the best casino games in terms of potential return.

Introduction To Video Poker

Simplicity is another reason many gambling enthusiasts prefer video poker online. There aren’t many rules to follow and decisions to make. Learning strategies for this game is much easier than card counting in black jack, but it brings approximately the same results.

Moreover, punters have the opportunity to practice for free, so that their first mistakes won’t cost them a dime. Practice mode is available online for everyone. While experimenting with strategies this free mode will also be very useful.